Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RiverRun Cooking Program

Objective: To teach the students about preparing a wellbalanced meal, kitchen safety, following recipes, using measurement tools, organization skills, and working together in order to accomplish a task.

Procedure: Students will be put into groups by the head directress(es) to ensure well-balanced groups and to allow for lessons to continue during prep times. Parent volunteer(s) will have stations set up on tables provided and a plan of jobs the students need to do.  Teaching staff can assist with this if needed. Directions and/or demonstrations should be given to the working groups before they begin. Parent volunteers are asked to remember that they are in a teaching role for this project.  They are role modeling for the students.

All work should be divided up as fairly as possible among all the student groups. If cutting tools are being used, an adult should stay near the table and monitor use. We have found that prep time often takes hours and may require more than one day.  Therefore, one cooking group may be working while lessons and work continue for the rest of the students.  When this is the case care should be taken to keep voices low and minimize distraction.

This program is an important part of our work to foster community and to teach independent living skills. We hope that many of you will consider taking on this role. We have crockpots and a microwave available. Meals can be simple and we would be glad to help with ideas.

If you are interested, please let one of the teaching staff members know. Thank you.

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